Halo House

The Halo House is unlike any other floating home. With 2 full guest bedrooms, an expansive Master Bedroom, a full kitchen and indoor dinning area, living room, laundry room, a guest bathroom with a full size steam room, an outer and inner deck, and inner pool, all the essentials are on the main level. The downstairs includes a movie theatre room, an underwater viewing/living room, a floating safe room that will detach in a unlikely case that there is catastrophic failure which is outfitted with the latest technology, multiple hydraulic car lift storage rooms witch are displayed like a glass boxed showroom when walking downstairs. The roof of the Halo House is exposed with multiple garden areas, a capable BBQ and cooking center, bonfire pit, raised hot tub, a hanging net which acts like an iris is adverse weather to close a tarp to the center; providing protection during a storm so you can relax on the inner deck below to watch the storm fall through the now small hole to the ocean beneath, during a great day you would climb out to read a book suspended and then jump to the pool beneath when your finished if you please, and a secluded privet meeting space where you can talk with complete confidence to partners/clients/consultants where the topic might be sensitive, there isn't much this luxurious beast doesn't have.

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